Formations / Gestion du personnel

Monitoring employees


Promesse de la formation

  • Know the limits of possibility for the employer to monitor its employees
  • Identify the authorized means of monitoring employees

Notre engagement :

Secure the monitoring process to protect your company’s interest and follow the performance of your teams.


  • The ground of the monitoring
    • Supervision and sanctioning powers
    • Internal rules and regulations / charter regarding use of computers and communication tools
    • The importance of the legality of the monitoring and the validity of the proof
  • The limits to the monitoring of employees
    • Protection of private life
    • Necessity of a legitimate interest for the company
    • The scope of the premises covered by the monitoring
  • The different monitoring means and the rules to follow
    • Working hours and swiping
    • Search on employees or in their drawers 
    • Spinning
    • Cyber surveillance
    • The employees’ private correspondence 
    • Whistleblowing
    • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Setting up the monitoring
    • Declaration to the CNIL
    • Information of employees’ representatives
    • Information of employees
  • Use of monitoring as a proof
    • The validity of the proof
    • The bailiff
    • The judicial action

Le saviez-vous ?

Any mean allowing the collection or processing of personal data should be declared or authorized by the CNIL (French date protection authority). The information collected or processed cannot be used as a valid proof in the frame of a disciplinary action in case of failure of declaration/authorization by the CNIL.


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