An approved training establishment, delivering personalised awareness-building and fully financed by continuous development DAEM Partners supports companies in the training of their senior management and also their representatives.

Anticipate the HR risks

Decision-making is becoming complex and intimidating. But not all social contacts, from the Human Resources Director to the Head of the Operations Department are equal to confronting more and more delicate issues and to protecting their company from the social risks.

To help them, the company must firstly help its teams to identify the dangers and even better to control them. Operational staff need, now more than ever, to be supported and trained for the traps which tend to occur: working hours, disciplinary law, provision of services, relationship issues between colleagues, etc. Above all the pitfalls committing the company manager’s civil, administrative and criminal liability.

Now more than ever, prevention by training is the current topic! Anticipating issues posed by the changes in employment law and full knowledge of the related issues are indispensible to limit the legal, financial and human risks.

Creating value for the company

In this context, training plays a complementary role in the day to day support of companies. It is an essential component of the partnership which DAEM Partners is creating to support its clients in the implementation of their social strategy.

By taking part in optimising their human resources management, training decision-makers and company staff creates value.

As close as possible to your needs

On-site training

In respect of intra-company training, the organisation of on-site training allows professional training to be balanced better with the company’s organisational constraints.

The change in the pace of work and speeding up of production timescales reduce the time likely to be set aside for training by employees and, a fortiori, by decision-makers.

To this is sometimes added a certain reluctance on the part of the employees to leave their office and free themselves from day to day work deadlines, to set aside time for activities, the benefit of which does not seem to them to be immediately quantifiable.

To cross these physical and/or psychological barriers, DAEM Partners offers training at its clients’ premises. This benefit in terms of simplicity also allows the trainer to immerse himself/herself more in the company culture and to deliver training which is adapted as much as possible to the context in which it is developed.

Bespoke training

DAEM Partners offers training in all key areas of human resources.

The programmes and timescales stated in the “Our range of training” section on this site have been defined in order to enable participants to provide as full a vision as possible and to acquire a real understanding of the related issues.

Each DAEM Partners session is developed with a view to offering bespoke training. Both the content and the practical roll-out of the training are adapted to company needs, especially with regard to its activity sector, the type of staff concerned and the specific issues encountered.

Likewise, the DAEM Partners trainer will adapt his/her involvement to the audience and in particular to its level of awareness and experience of employment law, as well as to its mother tongue, all training being able to be delivered in English.

The DAEM Partners Training Centre is available to companies to develop all the training offering specific responses to their concerns.

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