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A team of specialists in employment law and criminal law for the workplace, with complementary profiles and experiences, benefiting from better training and each personally pursuing the objectives of excellence which DAEM Partners has set itself.

To help the company to develop, DAEM Partners relies on values of commitment, reactivity, consistency and discipline. This demanding approach of the profession in terms of responsibility enables DAEM Partners to carry out an exhaustive assessment for its clients of the economic and social risks to which they may be subject, through each consultation or each industrial dispute.

Company development is moving today from their ability to anticipate crises to the day to day control of the impact of their social policy. But this calculation of the risk requires having a fair vision of the perspectives of each of the economic sectors. This is why DAEM Partners regularly calls on experts from various sectors – such as the hotel industry or the audiovisual sector, for example – in which the firm is involved, professionals capable of putting forward their opinions on the most beneficial and least risky options for the company.

These specific operational expert opinions enrich the demanding legal approach employed by DAEM Partners staff, all fully aware of the need to present and adhere to a real strategy, over and above the resolution of one or more specific issues.

To guarantee the best reactivity and quality of exchanges, all cases are dealt with in tandem and must be checked by a partner before being finalised, so as to optimise our recommendations and conclusions.

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