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DAEM Partners is a law firm specialising in employment and criminal law for the workplace. Created by Isabelle Mathieu, it has now become a favoured strategic partner for company directors.

An expert in employment law, the firm provides its contacts with daily advice based on maximum foresight of company issues, both in relation to individual and collective workplace relationships and in cost optimisation and restructuring.

At the same time, since the arrival of Corinne Candon in 2008, the Department for Criminal Law for the Workplace has experienced recognised development, due to her vast experience of the courts, court contacts and the twists and turns of criminal procedures.

Therefore DAEM Partners can offer companies constant support in their employment management, strategically positioned upstream and downstream of the issues they may encounter:

  • strategic advice, from permanent HR support, actively participating in developing skills, to the sustainability of organisations and therefore to controlling medium and long term costs: drawing up agreements for today and tomorrow, implementing and monitoring restructuring and staff variations, reforming the company’s operation quantitatively and qualitatively, an overall perception of organisational motivation and targets before negotiations take place, etc., and above all understanding of any operational obstacles, to avoid having to change tomorrow what has been decided today.
  • continuous training, maintaining this control over employment management and aimed at excluding any risk of deviation or individual and group conflicts which are always costly and unpredictable.
  • pre-legal intervention, the “assembly” of a case, always guarantees reconciliation of interests incorrectly felt to be conflicting: operational requirements on the one hand and compliance with legislation and case law on the other hand. Upstream of disciplinary or organisational decision making, it enables senior management to make an employment decision without fearing the legal consequences, or at least being fully aware of them. It is in fact at this level that risk analysis and the optimisation of companies’ accounting provisions can be found, which are strictly dependant on the documents in the files.
  • our legal interventions, finally, before the civil, administrative and criminal courts, rely on a global approach to the defence of the company’s interests. Over and above the direct costs (court convictions), there is another risk just as harmful to the company’s management: the deterioration of the social climate, decisions becoming “case law” within the staff. We are therefore always looking for cases to be optimised and for each point of the argument to be discussed relentlessly. At the same time, measures will be put forward, procedural interventions suggested, such as summons, expert reports, internal enquiries, etc.

Everything here is revolving around one objective: no conviction for the company, the group and their directors.

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    75017 Paris, France

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